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  1. Yes, you are right, sorry for the “sloppy notation”, indeed what is striking to my eyes in the video you shared is exactly the difficult link at the top end of his lumbar portion.. the subject is clearly trying to overcompensate with the top part of the back (normally better perceived) the missing flexibility (evidently generating a sensation of limitation and unsuitability) of his pelvis.

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    1. Hi,
      you are right, the cervical and the lumbar are heading in the right direction but the alignment could be improved. One issue is represented by the verticality feedback received from the eyes and the vestibular apparatus.


  2. Ho letto qualcosa (molto interessante, soprattutto la teoria dell’ipersensibilità dell’orecchio) ma un po’ scatterato, poi ho visto il video.
    Se quella che insegna e’ una tua collaboratrice mi prenoto per un paio di lezioni!!
    Non ho mai provato la posizione sulla testa, proverò. Riuscivo a fare la verticale, spero di non avere problemi immensi.
    Piuttosto e’ la rigidita’ della schiena da sedia il problema. Vuoi commentare per cortesia sulla flessibilità’ del tipo pre e post interazione con l’insegnante (miracoli delle endorfine, altroché! 😉 ).


    1. Thank you Claudio,

      the whole feeling of the body can change enormously after a functional integration lesson. The issue with the spine is not necessarily the lack of flexibility but the distribution of flexibility in different areas.
      I will write a post about it. Let me know about your headstand


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