Who writes this blog?

I am a condensed matter physicist and a senior beamline scientist, I am not a Feldenkrais practitioner so my understanding of the method refers only to my personal practice of it and to the experience I gained attending  Awareness Through the Movement (ATM) and Functional Integration (FI) sessions.

Why this blog?

By chance many  years ago I came across one  Feldenkrais books and I started to be fascinated by the method as I experienced the profound changes that slowly performed movements had on my body.

Reading through the theory, that Moshe Feldenkrais developed to explain his method, was the only way for me to make sense of the profound changes that I was experiencing in my body and my mind.

Recent experimental discoveries about the neural system fascinate me; the idea behind this blog is to offer a space to clarify my confuse understanding of the books that I am reading about the subject, benefiting from the inputs of other people and try to relate them to my understanding of the Feldenkrais method.

About the title?  

I discovered about the “Flow” state after deciding the title of this web site.

In a typical Feldenkrais ATM class, my subjective experience of the quality of the movement changes through the sequence of movement till I perceive the movement as fluid and effortless.

Once such a state is achieved that way of moving will stay with me and will emerge in various unexpected ways. The definition of the flow state seems to overlap at least partially with some of my experience during a Feldenkrais session, even if in my original intention flow is related to a frictionless movement.