Wonders in the smallest of things — Thank Feldenkrais!

It is the first time I share a post from another blog, so I do hope it will work:

Only a careful and loving observer can see tiny daily changes, but soon new abilities, that the world will recognize, will emerge from their combination

Life becomes about micro achievements, With bounding impact, Beyond its humble act. The blowing of a single bubble, Through the mini wedding favour, Produced by a monumental feat, Of spoken combination of woof and the letter f. After many many lessons, He does it, For the very first time. Lifting the kaleidoscope to his eye independently, With an […]

via wonders in the smallest of things — Thank Feldenkrais!


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I am a condensed matter physicist and a beamline scientist. I am fascinated by recent developments in neurosciences. I practised the Feldenkrais method for more than fifteen years and I think that he developed an unsurpassed practical understanding of organic learning processes. A blog is the perfect way to share my thoughts and learn from others.

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